To be TAFA Member
How to become a member
Any person wishing to become a member of the Association must present his or her application to the Association's Secretary, or a committee who acts on behalf of the Secretary. The application form, must be accompanied by other required documents.

How submitted applications are considered
The Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association will inform all of its existing members of any applicant who has submitted their application . Objection or comments can be made at that time. The Association will send a monitoring team to the applicant's office to look for further necessary information within 60 days. The Association's Secretary will then submit the application with approbation or any objection(if required) in the next Committee Meeting. When the final decision of acceptance or non-acceptance is made, the Secretary will inform the applicant within seven days.

The commencement date of membership
Membership starts when the applicant pays the registration and annual maintenance fee. This must be paid within 7 days from the day of acceptance. If payment is not on time, the application will be cancelled.

Association Members : Rights and Responsibilities
The Association will earnestly assist members to manage their business smoothly. Members have the right to make comments or give opinions on any topic concerning the operations of the Association, so that the Association's goals can be achieved. Members have the right to ask the Association to declare its properties and assets, by making written inquiry to the Association's Secretary or the member who acts on behalf of the Secretary. Members are welcome to attend Association meetings, to give opinions to the Committee or to address any motion for meetings. Only Primary Members are eligible to vote in any of the Association's meetings and to be elected to work in the Committee.

  • Members are to respect all the rules and regulations approved by the Committee, and to fulfill their assigned responsibilities honestly and with due discipline.
  • The members are required to protect the honour and benefits of the Association. They are also required to prevent outsiders from acquiring confidential information.
  • The members are to promote and support all the Association's operations to the best of their ability.
  • The members are to unite in relationships with fellow members and assist each other in business.
  • The members are to pay fees to the Association on time. Paid annual maintenance fee lasts until the end of December every year. The new payment is to be paid before the end of February in the following year.
  • Any member who has changed his or her name, surname, nationality, address, office address, type of business or legal representative is required to inform the Association's Secretary in writing, within seven days of the change.