1. To promote the Airfreight Forwarding business.
  2. To support and assist in the problems of its members. This required negotiating with other organizations, in an effort to create mutual benefits for everyone involved. Significant movements in the world of Airfreight Forwarding business both locally and internationally were followed for the benefit of members.
  3. To maintain cooperation and information exchange among members.
  4. To acquire statistical information or documents about the Airfreight Forwarding industry, with approval from the involved members.
  5. To raise the standard of Thailand's Airfreight Forwarding industry and gain international acceptance.
  6. To cooperate with the Government in maintaining the high standard of Airfreight Forwarding industry.
  7. To enforce rules and regulations, ensuring that the operation functions properly.
  8. To compromise business conflicts between members or between members and other organizations.
  9. To take any legal actions necessarily to achieve the Association's objectives.
  10. To establish a non-political movement.
             The Association aims for Thailand to be a central Air Cargo Hub of South East Asia. Thailand is potentially ready for this in every way. For example, the Country possesses geographically well-placed and designed airports, hi-technology equipment, experience, knowledge and skilled manpower. These features highly infer that success is possible if the Government is going to play a supporting role in achieving this objective.