TAFA’s Mission

To develop its members’ competence in terms of business and resources’ capabilities to carry out existing activities profitably and efficiently in cooperation with local government and private agencies together with foreign partners and counterparts.
TAFA’s Vision
To commercially and academically support its members to be able to compete with other ASEAN countries within 5 years.
  Airfreight industry has played an important role in the economic development of Thailand for many years, especially with the export industry which has the active support of Government. Apart from airlines, one of the main companies in the forwarding business is the Airfreight Forwarder.
  The business operations can be divided into many different ways, for example, by plane, by truck and many other supporting services. Lack of discipline in operating those processes causes a lower-than-standard business competition. Cooperation and unity among those fellow forwarders is essential to maintain the honored status of the Association.
  The Association forms a neutral center which enforces rules and regulations and lifts the standard of services. Additionally, the Association also acts as a representative for all the forwarders. It negotiates with other Government and Non-Government Organizations, endeavouring to create the best outcome for all concerned.
  In December 1983, the Thai Airways International Sales Manager, during that period time, was Mr. Kawin Assawachatroj. He invited many of the leading Airfreight Forwarding companies at that time to meet. This meeting emphasized the importance of cooperation so as to enhance better economic performance. It acted to meet the increasing market demand with the support from Government. A number of meetings were led by Mr. Kawin, Mr. Jessada and Mr. Wijarn. These men were all supported by the OAA Airlines Group and another group of 21 Forwarders. The meetings resulted in an agreement to establish the Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association or TAFA. The first TAFA President was Mr. Kanit Smitthiwat from Tour Royal Co., Ltd. This establishment of TAFA was the vision of many people at Thai Airways International, especially Mr. Kawin.

About TAFA
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TAFA Strategic Mission  2018 2019
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